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In a faraway place known only as the Land. An evil maniacal creature known as the Darkling rages a war of conquest against the kingdom of Covington, and the powerful order of Wizards.

When the Darkling's Army of demon spawn is defeated at Quagmire deep, the Darkling escapes only to hide inside of a mountain that only has one-way in.

When the wizards locate where the Darkling is hiding, they seal the creature in by using a powerful spell that consists of, when the creature dies, and its body has long turned to dust, it's evil spirit will still be sealed in the mountain.

However, due to unforeseen events, 300 years later, the creature's spirit escapes resurrecting his Army of demon spawn to rage once again it's terrible war upon the Land.

With the powerful wizards now deceased, except for the one, the Wizard Alistarr, he and a small band must set out on an epic quest to retrieve the legendary crystal that could be their savior or the lands ultimate demise.


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