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Ron Snider born November 19, 1955, is an American author, poet, Audiobook author, and Internet entrepreneur.


Born in Flint Michigan to parents that were hard-working, blue-collar workers,  Ron moved with his family to southwest Virginia when he was 15. The moving was due to one of the automotive factories where his father worked, closed its doors, and moved to Mexico.


Ron immediately fell in love with the mountains and the people of southwest Virginia. Later, while attending high school, he met the love of his life, after graduation they were married and have been for 46 years.  Ron and his wife Senah, make their home in Marion Virginia. 


When I was interviewing Ron for the Smyth County News, I learned some interesting information.

When Ron was a small child growing up in Flint Michigan, he often witnessed temperatures during the winter months dropping to extreme temperatures. Being too cold to go outside, he became interested in reading books, not comic books as other children his age, he read the classics written by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Louis Stevenson, just to name a few.

At an early age, Ron was inspired in becoming a writer who leaned toward adventure-style books. However, it wasn't until his teen years that he discovered high fantasy style fiction written by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, that Ron set his sight on becoming an epic fantasy writer.

Ron has written three books belonging to the Wizards of Covington series, titled The Darkling War, The Parallel Land, and The Deities Prophecy. 


However, being a writer, and becoming a published author are two different types of animals, Ron says with a smile

His first book, The Darkling War, took over twenty years to accomplish, when asked why, he says, "That is a long story, the short of it is, in the beginning, I had no desire to be published, I was writing for the love of writing."

It all began when being an avid reader that Ron started experiencing a difficult time in finding epic fantasy books that he enjoyed reading.


Even though there were plenty of fantasy books written by great authors, the books failed to meet what he was looking for, that is when Ron started to entertain the thought of writing his own book. Not to have it published, but to feed his own hunger of epic fantasy.


Being in his mid-twenties Ron started on his first draft, which decades later would become, The Darkling War.

Being now 65, and looking back to the early years, before home computers, laptops, and not being able to afford a typewriter, he started out writing with a mechanical pencil and a college rule 70 sheet notebook. Years later, he says, "By the time I was through writing the first draft, second draft, and the third draft, all written by hand and with the same mechanical pencil, I had multiple stacks of college-ruled notebooks."


Being married and raising kids, his first concern was to his family and working to earn a living. Ron stated, "I worked in factories earning minimum wage for thirty years. It was during those years that I did my writing at night and on the weekends."


Due to degenerative arthritis, and nerve damage that placed Ron disabled, and in a wheelchair, he discovered that he had more time on his hands than he cared for. To stay busy, he went out and purchased a laptop, took the stacks of handwritten college rule notebook's off the shelf, and typed out the book.


Ron's wife, not being interested in epic fantasy, one day picked up the completed manuscript and began to read and did not put it down until she was through reading it. Afterward, she began to urge her husband to try to have it published, and as you can see, it was.

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